Teaching-learning of chemistry

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Visualizations and simulations

Shapes of molecules-VSEPR https://www.chemtube3d.com/category/a-level/shapes-of-molecules-vsepr/ Inorganic chemistry Bioinorganic chemistry, solid state, s, p, d and f block elements, metal organic frameworks https://www.chemtube3d.com/category/inorganic-chemistry/ Group theory (symmetry elements and symmetry operations) https://symotter.org/tutorial/intro https://www.chemtube3d.com/category/structure-and-bonding/symmetry/ Transition metals (Co-ordination compounds and inorganic reaction mechanism)-3D animations/models https://www.chemtube3d.com/tm-pointgroupspolyhedralstructures/ … Continued

Resources by HBCSE

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Resources on the Periodic Table Indian National Chemistry Olympiad Chemistry Demonstrations Experiments Books Notes and Presentations Leaflets of compounds


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Indian Chemistry Olympiad programme is conducted in various stages, Orientation cum Selection Camps  is one such stage where experimental examinations are conducted for the students.Developing such experiments for the students has been an enriching experience for us at HBCSE. The experiments … Continued

Chemistry Demonstrations

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We have been conducting demonstrations in chemistry, primarily as part of National Science day  (NSD) celebrations at HBCSE. For the same, we have been collecting demonstrations from different resources (print/web). We do standardize these demonstrations in our laboratory before presenting … Continued

Notes and Presentations

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These are a few selected presentations by members of chemistry group at various conferences and/or workshops conducted outside HBCSE. Research and Development in Chemistry Education At HBCSE Learning from the Chemistry Olympiad Lab National Initiative on Undergraduate Studies (NIUS) Chemistry: … Continued