We at HBCSE have made this listing of Chemistry Texts which we have found useful in our learning of chemistry as a subject. 


General Chemistry
Chemical Principles:Quest for Insight Atkins, Loreta Jones
Chemistry    Raymond Chang
Chemistry    John Mc.Murry and Robert Fay
Chemistry    James Brady, Fred Senes, Neil Jespersen
The New ChemistryNina Hall
Organic Chemistry
Organic ChemistryLoudon
Organic ChemistryPaula Bruice
Organic ChemistrySolomons, Fryhle
Organic ChemistryClayden, Greeves, Warren & Wothers
Organic ChemistryWade
Stereochemistry Conformation and MechanismP.S. Kalsi
Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry Shriver, Atkins
Inorganic Chemistry James Huheey, Ellen Keiter, Richard Keiter
Inorganic Chemistry Basic Cotton and Wilkinson
Inorganic Chemistry AdvancedCotton and Wilkinson
Analytical Chemistry
Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Skoog, Holler & West Skoog
Principles of Instrumental AnalysisSkoog, Holler & West Skoog
Analytical Chemistry Gary Christian
Quantitative AnalysisDay and Underwood
Physical Chemistry
Principles of Physical ChemistryMaron, Prutton
Elements of Physical ChemistryPaula, Atkins
Atkin's Physical Chemistry Paula, Atkins
Physical Chemistry Levine
Experimental Chemistry
Practical Organic Chemistry Mann and Saunders
Vogel's Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry Furniss, Hannaford, Smith,
Experimental Organic Chemistry:
Standard and Microscale
Harwood, Moody & Percy
A Textbook of Quantitative
Inorganic Analysis
Vogel's Qualitative Inorganic Analysis
G. Svehla
Systematic Lab Experiments Arun Sethi
History and Interesting facts about chemistry
Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a
Chemical Boyhood
Oliver Sacks
The Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary ThingsCarl Snyder
The Disappearing Spoon...and other true tales from the Periodic Table Sam Kean
Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World Mark Miodownik
Periodic Tales: A Cultural History
of the Elements, from Arsenic to
Hugh Aldersey-Williams
Napoleon's Buttons:
How 17 Molecules
Changed History
Penny LeCouteur
Molecules: The Elements
the Architecture of Everything
Nick Mann and Theodore Gray