These are a set of web resources which we found interesting and useful in the form of Videos, Open resources, Tutorials, Virtual Labs, Lab manuals, Periodic table etc….

Online Video/Web/Interactive lectures


Online texts / lecture notes


Teaching – Learning resources (Handouts/demonstrations/Tutorials/presentations)

Learn Chemistry:

Merlot Collection of Chemistry Resources


Online texts with visualisation


Organic Chemistry Reaction Mechanisms

Interactive organic mechanisms


Virtual Labs



Lab Techniques/Lab equipment/Lab Experiments


Chemistry Databases


Practice Tests, Problem Sets, and Tutorials

BestChoice Quizzes in all major areas in chemistry

Spectroscopy Problem sets


Chemistry Demonstrations and Videos Chemistry Demonstration videos


Periodic Table


Chemistry Free Software and Visulaisers


Orbital Viewer 

ChemSketch 12

Biovia Draw



Chemistry Trivia and Games


Molecular Structures


History of Chemistry