Chemistry Education Research (CER) from its inception has addressed issues related to teaching and learning of chemistry at various levels. Currently, it is an established field of investigation globally and has many standard conferences, books, peer-reviewed journals devoted to it. The CER work has influenced teaching-learning practices both in the theoretical and experimental domains, assessment methods and the development/designing of instructional materials aimed at enhancing conceptual understanding of chemistry world-wide.

In Indian context, the CER work is still in its nascent stage. It is important that teachers/faculty involved with chemistry education are aware about the CER field. Such awareness will help in bringing meaningful and necessary changes while reforming chemistry education in
India. It is equally important that such research is undertaken locally to impact the chemistry educational scenario within the country.

With this aim, we have tried to collate information regarding resources such as books, journals, webinar, and websites of some major conferences and active research groups working in the field internationally.

We hope this is useful to any individual who want to venture into chemistry education research and development work.




Research Groups