Dr. Gulshanara Shaikh (formerly, St. Xaviers College, Mumbai) has joined HBCSE (April 2018-) and is involved with development of instructional material in organic chemistry using Process oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) approch. She is also involved with development of experiments for undergraduate chemistry laboratory course.

Dr. Sonali Raje (Towson University, USA) Dr Sonali was also under the Fulbright Scholarship at HBCSE developing assessment materials — specifically a conceptual question bank in chemistry .

Dr. Kelly Butler (Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia): Prof Kelly Butler was at HBCSE as a Fulbright Scholar in January-Feb 2016. At HBCSE she was involved in developing Process oriented Guided Inquiry Learning ( POGIL)  instructional material primarily in organic chemistry at undergraduate level with members of HBCSE and Local college teachers of Mumbai.

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