Theoretical areas of chemistry

e-PG Pathshala

e-PG Pathshala is an initiative of the MHRD under its National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT) being executed by the UGC. It provides e-content in 70 subjects across disciplines. The Chemistry section of e-PG Pathshala covers a wide range of topics from organic, inorganic, physical and environmental chemistry.

The following section comprises online lectures and notes provided by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Open Course Ware), National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Yale University for various chemistry topics.

Analytical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Chemical bonding and structure

Chemistry of main group elements

Group theory

Organometallic Chemistry

Transition metals (Co-ordination compounds and inorganic reaction mechanism)

Organic Chemistry

Open Yale Courses

Freshman Organic Chemistry I

Freshman Organic Chemistry II

Heterocyclic chemistry

Organic synthesis

Organic Reaction Mechanism

Pericyclic reaction



Physical Chemistry

Chemical kinetics

Polymer chemistry

Quantum chemistry

Statistical thermodynamics

Structure of atom

Thermodynamics and chemical equilibrium