The primary purpose of the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) is to present dynamic/vibrant aspects of the subject to the learner through unconventional/ challenging academic problems in theoretical / experimental areas. Most of these problems are thematic and context based.

To develop such context based problems is pedagogically challenging task. Such a  process is engaging as it presents opportunities to  explore some of the less known aspects of chemistry such as historical evolution of chemical concepts, major current/historical experimental advances in chemistry, exciting frontier research domains,  interesting applications/innovations of chemistry that

brought novel ideas in practices of chemistry,  chemical industries and/or impacted our lives and  models and modeling in chemistry.



The main purpose of Resource Generation Camps** (RGCs), conducted as part of Indian Chemistry Olympiad Program (INChO) is to acquaint motivated chemistry teacherswith the philosophy of Chemistry Olympiad and help them to gather first handenriching experiences about designing such problems. It is equally important that teachers are involved with the  pedagogical discussions about these problems so as to seriously reflect about problems designing and assessment.


**Resource Generations camps are only by invitations.