Using Guided inquiry approach for designing material in organic chemistry

This is an ongoing collaborative project between chemistry education group at HBCSE with teachers from Colleges in Mumbai and Pune initiated in year 2016. Prof. Kelly Butler, Chestnut Hill college, USA is also involved with the project. The project is aimed by developing activity sheets for core concepts in organic chemistry using Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) approach. Part of the developed activities are filed tested so as to get the classroom feedback have been tested with students and 

Members involved  are:

Gail Carneiro  (Formerly with Sophia College, Mumbai)

Sujata Kale (Garware college, Pune)

Tanuja Parulekar (SIWS College, Mumbai)

Lakshmy Ravishankar (K.E.T. Vaze College, Mumbai)

Gulshanara Shaikh (Formerly, St. Xavier’s college, Mumbai)

Gomathi Shridhar (V.K.Menon College, Mumbai)

Kelly Butler (Chestnut Hill college,USA)

Savita Ladage (HBCSE)

To know more about the Pogil visit – POGIL 


Members of chemistry education group at HBCSE are involved with development of instructional resources suitable for chemistry education at higher secondary and undergraduate level.

The group is involved with development of problems in theoretical areas as well as experimental  as part of Indian Chemistry Olympiad programme. Visit


Basics of Chemical Thermodynamics is a book developed at HBCSE an open source instructional material.

It can be accesses for reading through the following link.

Basics of Chemical Thermodynamics

The material is copyrighted and no part of the same may be downloaded and reproduced in any form (print or electronic) without the written permission of HBCSE (TIFR).