The International Chemistry Olympiad, presents dynamic/vibrant aspects of chemistry to the learners through unconventional/challenging academic  problems related to different areas including experiments.

To develop such problems is equally challenging for motivated teachers they have explore some of the less known/unknown aspects of chemistry such as historical evolution of concepts, major current/historical experimental advances in chemistry, exciting research domains.  interesting applications/innovations of chemistry that brought novel ideas in practices of chemistry,  chemical industries and/or impacted our lives and  models and modeling in chemistry.

With our engagement with Indian National Chemistry Olympiad (INChO) and National Initiative on Undergraduate Science (NIUS) programmes, we have been engaged with designing challenging questions covering different aspects of chemistry and development of unconventional  experiments that emphasize learning in chemistry laboratory. While developing such experiments, we pay special attention to a) minimize the technical demands, b) safety , c) standardization of the task w.r.t. variables involved, and d) assessment.


The theoretical questions developed and the experiments designed have been published in the form of books.