The Indian Chemistry Olympiad programme was initiated in year 1999.  Since its inception, the programme has evolved and currently it is an significant educational activity in the country. In  year 2001, India hosted the 33rd International Chemistry Olympiad at Mumbai that had participation of 60 countries. 33rd IChO was the first International Science Olympiad hosted in India that required  organisation of large scale experimental contest of international standards. Successful hosting of this mega event  strengthen the National Science Olympiad programme in the country.

One of the most significant fall out of the 33rd IChO has been the formation of Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT). The  need and idea for such chemistry teachers’ association was proposed by HBCSE in year 2000. The actual formation of ACT  was catalysed by the 33rd IChO as this event mobilised some of the ablest chemistry faculty members and teachers in the country.  ACT today is recognized body that supports various activities related to chemistry education, particularly at  tertiary level and also conducts annual conventions for teachers ad has his office located in HBCSE premises.